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Erik Rivera Zlokarnik, known in the music world as ero808, has recently risen to prominence, becoming a notable name worth recognizing. The collaborative release of Hypnosis with AYYBO played a significant role in amassing a substantial online following for ero808, thanks to the track's viral success in the house music scene.

In 2023, ero808 achieved a significant milestone when a highly sought-after Pitbull remix of Hypnosis hit the airwaves, unlocking a realm of limitless possibilities and capturing the attention of major record labels and music publishers. Ero's soft and captivating vocals, combined with poignant lyrics, have proven to be powerful tools on the dance floor, and there's no sign of his momentum slowing.


The journey of ero808 and Jadū Dala began in 2022 with the release of Silence, a collaboration with the Indian-based producer Mixed Signals. Building on the success of this release, ero808 continued to captivate audiences with Falling, a heartfelt collaboration with French-based producer Rxl. Most recently, ero808 teamed up with rising bass talents rSUN and Deliriousninja for the track Emerald, which has rapidly become one of Jadū Dala's top-streamed singles in 2023, earning praise as a Spotify editorial favorite and establishing itself as a new anthem for Jadū fans worldwide.

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