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About Us

Jadū Dala

The Magical Music Outfit

Jadū Dala, otherwise known as The Magical Music Outfit, is an independent record label specializing in the discovery and promotion of dance, electronic, pop, and bass music. A voice of the underground, we continue to champion the sounds of new, up-and-coming, and established artists worldwide.

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Our Story

Our story starts in 2016 when two friends, Jesse Babini and Nathaniel Kosko, came together to create a place where attention could be brought to the undercurrents of dance and electronic music.

We started simple, placing our focus on the artists and the music over everything else. Our artwork and branding was minimalistic yet recognizable. This allowed us to level the playing field for newcomers so that listeners could focus on the music, not vanity metrics and flashy branding. It worked, and we saw rapid growth over the following years in terms of plays, DJ support, commercial usage, and most importantly, fans.

Since our foundation, we have been a steadfast home for dance music of all forms, releasing with artists from 40+ countries and every inhabitable continent in the world. Our music has been featured in traditional media outlets, legacy radio, satellite radio, festival mainstages, digital advertisements, social media, and more. As we look towards the future, we remain committed to the sounds of the unknown, the established, and the next up.

Meet The Team

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