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Delving into the depths of Memphis-inspired phonk, BALGUR’s sound fuses a distinct blend of nostalgic beats with a modern-day rave culture twist.  BALGUR has emerged, not simply as a name but a sonic persona. An artist beyond the simple boundaries of an individual, BALGUR embodies the spirit of innovative musical experimentation.


In the twilight of the digital age, BALGUR stirs up a spectral synthesis of lo-fi frequencies and deep bass lines, intertwining the pulse of the American South with the rhythmic heartbeat of modern dance floors. His distinctive take on phonk bears witness to a past steeped in the Memphis hip-hop scene, reverberating in the echo chambers of today's electronic music subcultures.

BALGUR makes his original world debut with GRAVEYARD on Jadū Dala, a phonk experience best enjoyed while performing adrenaline-pumping activities.

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